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News from IkanIkan Educational Toys

This is the first blog post for ikanikan

This is the first blog post for ikanikan

This is the first ever content from ikanikan

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IkanIkan's New Home

IkanIkan's New Home

Ikanikan is reviving. Now we are educational toy expert in Malaysia

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IkanIkan - Malaysia's wholesale children educational montessori wooden toys

We are Malaysia's premier online wholesale center for quality children educational toys. Promoting environmental friendly wooden toys, coupled with montessori ideas and concepts, to help children develop motor, mental and physical skills.

Toys for special Needs: Austism, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Speach & Language Delay

Ikanikan colletcs valuable feedback from our customers on how our toys are being used by children with special needs. We provide  comprehensive resource where caregivers of individuals with special needs can go to find information on developmentally appropriate toys, games and tools. 

Next Business day shipping for all online shopping purchases

If we have the stock, we try and ship it the same day.  If not, it is within 1 business day. If we are out of stock, you shouldn't be able to buy it!